Affiliates consist of businesses and their employees that support

Four Rivers Association of Realtors ®

These Affiliates are Mortgage Companies, Banks, Credit Companies, Title Companies, County Assessors, Home and Pest Inspectors, Contractors and Closing Gift Companies

They maintain an Affiliate membership, attend & sponsor meetings and events.

They are always there when we are having a fundraiser for one of our community causes, or when they are sponsoring meetings and educational opportunities.

They are daily helping to make our Association successful.

More then anything they are a Wonderful Group of Individuals that

We Call

Our Friends, Partners and Family

A+ Home Inspections

Contact: Jack McElravy

Phone:  (208) 405-9519

Email: jacksinspections@gmail.com

Contact: Ryan Shelby

Phone: (208) 489-1334  

Email: rshelby@academy.cc

Agile Homes

Contact: Mike Smith

Phone: (208) 695-4546

Email: mike@agiledesignco.com


Contact: Kerry Frye

Phone: (208) 642-3351

Email: payette@ameri-title.com


Contact: Jay Edwards

Phone: (208) 414-1792

Email: weiser@ameri-title.com

Contact: John Dillion

Phone: (541) 823-4830

Email: johnd@argusobserver.com

Contact: Lorrie Tracy

Phone: (208) 452-5757

Email: lorrie.tracy@axiahomeloans.com

Contact: Jed Fly

Phone: (208) 452-7101

Email: jfly@eotc.com

Contact: Melissa Case

Phone: (541) 322-4445

Email: mcase@columbiabank.com

Contact: Scott Mitchell

Phone: (208) 249-2183

Email: knifeguy.scott@yahoo.com

Contact: Kara Currey

Phone: (208) 452-6003

Email: kcurrey@guildmortgage.net

Contact: Caroline Brown

Phone: (208) 642-0119

Email: caroline.brown@homestreet.com

Idaho Star Quality Inspections

Contact: Erick Stokes

Phone: (208) 695-5479

Email: idahostarinspections@yahoo.com

Contact: Melony Clinton

Phone: (208) 452-3823

Email: melony_a_clinton@keybank.com

Key Bank

Contact: Paula Tankersly

Phone: (541) 889-7625

Email: fatco@fmtc.com

Contact: Meghan Golden

Phone: (541) 823-2660

Email: meghan.golden@northwestfcs.com

Payette County Assessor

Contact: Sharon Worley

Phone: (208) 642-6012

Email: sworley@payettecounty.org

Contact: Toni Gay

Phone: (208) 642-1000

Email: tgay@payettecte.com

Contact: Tonya Fillmore

Phone: (208) 452-7500

Email: tfillmore@pioneertitleco.com

Regal Home Inspections

Contact: Gary Abshire

Phone: (208) 340-2095

Email: regalhome@live.com

Shore-line Pest Control, Inc.

Contact: Rory Clinton

Phone: (208) 707-2847

Email: pestcontrol@yahoo.com

Contact: Kevin Spencer

Phone: (208) 484-0085

Email: kevinspencer@umpquabank.com

Washington County Assessor

Contact: Georgia Plischke

Phone: (208) 414-2000

Email: wcassr@co.washington.id.us

Washington County


Contact: Dennis Goodwin

Phone: (208) 414-1455

Email: wctitle@ruralnetwork.net

Contact: Paul Garcia

Phone: (208) 452-7144

Email: paul.garcia@zionsbank.com

Contact: Ranelle 

Phone: (541) 889-3149

Email: ranelle@malheurfcu.org